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Token Foods is a farmers market where users exchange tokenized fruits. Each item has a fixed value in the beginning. Users offer NFTs of equal or lesser value of the item & can directly exchange goods
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Arick Davis, Sarah Laman, and Duarte Teles

The initial intent of our project was to create a grocery store modeled with NFTs. The idea was that we would have a model were people could exchange assets with one another. For example, you have may have a bushel of apples but each apple would have unique values. Another person could have a bunch of bananas but each banana will have its own value. The use would be that you could buy groceries with what every coin you have, but you could also trade you apples for bananas.

We were an overly optimistic team that was excited to be part of the 0x hackathon, but none of us stated this experience with practice developing tokens on the block chain. So our project does not work as described above. One of our team members had been following a tutorial to build an erc20 token sale, so we adapted that code to our projects. Rather than a grocery store, we ended with more of a farmers market.

The project is built on truffle and has 3 contracts; TokenSale, AppleToken and BananaToken. We were not able to integrate 0x into our project. The TokenSale simply facilitates the purchasing of token and has the ability to end the sale. The AppleToken and BananaToken have identical functionality. Both tokens can be transferred with a direct or delegated transfer.

After cleaning up any errors, the next step was to add better functionality to allow any user to host a sale. It currently only supports the admin to host a sale. Also we wanted to add trade value in a common currency, such as eth, to create variance between the value of apples, banana and other items.

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Hackathon: Bringing Decentralized Markets to the Masses
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