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MouserBoard - the board for cryptogamers
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MouserBoard helps gamers to discover, discuss, and trade collectibles, disrupting the $80 billion secondary market of in-game assets, without owning a single game dApp.
Working but buggy
Daniele Sacco

MouserBoard is a cross-game leaderboard. By processing Ethereum transactions, we can track top NFT sellers and owners, signal their wealth, and discover new trending tokens that can be easily traded through 0x. MouserBoard is the discovery and communication layer on top of Ethereum.

Discover - Track and talk about the last released and rarest collectibles
Connect - Connect with top gamers and follow their activity and updates
Collect - Start your collection with just a few clicks. Play, trade, earn!

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Amir Fatemi · posted 9 months ago

Interesting Project, Looking forward!

Susan Sammak · posted 9 months ago

Well done Daniele!!

Cristhian Ferrufino · posted 9 months ago

Really interesting idea!

Marta Ragazzi · posted 9 months ago

Aspetto di vedere il go live!!!

Giovanni Boto · posted 9 months ago

Bella idea & bella PTR

Silvia Hoffmann · posted 9 months ago

Loving this <3 Keep on rocking!

Steven Renwick · posted 9 months ago

Intriguing, dare I saw.

Dana Lee · posted 9 months ago

Super cool

francesca miricola · posted 9 months ago


Ilary S. · posted 9 months ago

That´s a really great idea! Genius!!!

Simona Ferrari · posted 9 months ago

Bello. Poi me lo spieghi....

Sara Rossi · posted 9 months ago

Molto interessante

Nic B · posted 9 months ago


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