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Dapp Pocket is a Blockchain wallet app for Dapp users. With it you can manage your crypto assets and use any Dapp. Also you can compare token prices from many exchanges and convert tokens instantly.
Decentralized Finance
Ready for launch
Anderson Chen and hung Chang

Goal: We aimed to provide user to compare token prices and convert tokens though 0x protocol in Dapp Pocket.

How it works: We started with API of Radar Relayer. We get all available pairs from /asset_pairs. After user choose a token pair, we use /orderbook to get and calculate the latest price. If user choose to convert token through Radar Relayer, we open our custom “0x-instant” page in our Dapp browser and then user can convert the token instantly.

Now we only support Radar Relayer, because it has high liquidity and stable API. If there are more Relayers providing standard SRA API, we can support them in same method.

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