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Backtest your trading ideas and market making strategies with our API for real-time cryptocurrency price data and user-friendly dashboard for getting historical price data
Decentralized Finance
Working but buggy
Kho Fu Chan, Kirill Museychuk, Vlad Balabash, Alexey Shulev, and Vitali Grabovski

We provide an option to get historical crypto trading data from various sources (started from binance and 0x). With the help of our tool customers are able to test their strategies and we already have few paying customers for that.

Also, our plan is to provide a complete solution for market making. So the user will be able to quickly test and apply their strategies to the market.

DEXes are not covered now by such tools, but we want to change that in the nearest future :)

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Diana Balozian · posted 9 months ago

Good luck

Vika Pravdukhina · posted 9 months ago

good luck

Vitalii Serbyn · posted 9 months ago


Anna Evans · posted 9 months ago


Vitalii Krasilia · posted 9 months ago


Nataliia Amielina · posted 9 months ago

Super! Great!

Ekaterina Efremova · posted 9 months ago

Very High Idea

Stella Lisco · posted 9 months ago


Denis Andreev · posted 9 months ago

Good Luck guys

Pavel Onishenko · posted 9 months ago

Believe in the potential of the team and product which is trying to bring more liquidity to DEXes by building out tools for big players. Good luck guys

Dmitriy Evstigneyev · posted 9 months ago

Good luck, guys! Tried to get ICODrops and Narnia community to vote for you but it seems they don't give a crap about anything but making money on scammy projects.

Victor Vastly · posted 9 months ago

Вижу азиата в очках, ставлю лайк

Vadym Lytvynenko · posted 9 months ago

Great service! Good luck guys!

Kho Fu Chan
· posted 9 months ago

Thank you for such an amazing support guys! A lot of you came from UA blockchain community, ICODrops community, KryptoSherlock, cryptoLamer and many many others - thank each of you, we really appreciate it and will do our best to deliver the best product

Alex Sol · posted 9 months ago

Good luck

Nikita Poimatov · posted 9 months ago

За своих парней, стоим горой !

Артём Эргашев · posted 9 months ago

наши впереди!

VASILII BOICHIK · posted 9 months ago


Венедикт Митишов · posted 9 months ago

Good luck, Leha

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