Coda + Dekrypt: The SNARK Challenge

A global competition to speed up the SNARK prover

$105,000 in prizes
May 20 - Jul 29
Sponsored by

The SNARK Challenge

The SNARK Challenge is a global competition to dramatically speed up the SNARK prover. Participants will have the opportunity to contribute both through optimized implementations which can take advantage of the parallelism of GPUs, and by making improvements to the underlying cryptographic primitives.

SNARKs are one of the most promising solutions to bring scalability and privacy to blockchains, yet we are only scratching the surface of what’s possible. Join us to make SNARKs faster and realize their potential impact.

Why zk-SNARKs?

Over the past several years, zero-knowledge proof systems have been developing at a breakneck pace, both in terms of research and large-scale deployments. However, current implementations are far from optimal in terms of performance. zk-SNARKs are a form of zero-knowledge proofs which can prove possession of certain information without either revealing the underlying information or any interaction between the prover and verifier. In the context of cryptocurrency, this technology can help solve two of the industry’s largest and most pressing challenges: scaling blockchains and realizing privacy for on-chain transactions.

$105,000 in prizes

$5k prize for phase 1

Phase 1: May 20th - June 3rd

» Implement big integer arithmetic on GPU
» Implement elliptic curve operations on GPU
» Improve the speed of elliptic curve operations on CPU

$100k prize for phase 2

Phase 2: June 3rd - July 29th

» Write an optimized SNARK verifier for the browser
» Speed up the Groth16 prover using CPU and GPU
» Optimize the underlying cryptography by finding better elliptic curves

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