The Graph + CoinList Hackathon:
Indexing The New Economy

$10,000 in prizes
Starts May 9
Ends May 23
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About The Graph

dApps need a way to get and transform data from underlying data sources. IPFS provides cheap storage and Ethereum enables atomic transactions but data is rarely stored in a format you can consume directly in your applications. The Graph solves this problem by using GraphQL to let anyone query data and create subgraphs for the Web3 ecosystem.

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Hackathon: Creating Subgraphs

Index all of the available data from your favorite dApp. Participants should focus on the usefulness of the data indexed and the complexity of the subgraph.

Examples of dApps to index: Set, DYDX, CanWork, Colony, Kleros, ETHGasStation, Peepeth, Indorse, Kauri, Civil, Giveth, Bounties Network, Melonport, Lendroid, UMA, Bloom, Market, Zinc, Request, Known Origin

$10,000 in prizes

$1000 prize for top ten winners

The top ten subgraphs as voted by our panel of judges and the community will each receive a $1,000 prize.

Docs and Support

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The Graph Community

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